You Can’t Put a Surveying Pole in the Ground 300,000 Times

Power lines become dangerous when vegetation and elevation around them fluctuates. It’s difficult to keep watch over areas where power lines exist. And it’s unrealistic to put a surveying pole in the ground in 300,000 spots to get an accurate survey of the area. Rather than put lives and infrastructure at risk, use BoE Systems’ aerial LiDAR for updates. 

LiDAR Corridor Mapping for Power Lines in Action


Monitor trees growing along the power lines that can damage the infrastructure, cause large power failures, or spark massive forest fires. Also, provide line measurements with terrain elevation.


Vegetation Management: Catch and control overgrown vegetation that threaten to touch powerlines or burn should a power line fall or spark, which mitigates liability and protects life.

Response Time: Eliminate the learning curve of using aerial LiDAR with our in-house operators who can provide insightful data faster than other options.

Safety: Create a safer work environment because customers only need send out employees to manage problems when necessary.


Our aerial LiDAR mapping provided data that showcased the elevation changes for possible erosion, and vegetation encroachment, as well as point-to-point line measurements.


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