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BoE Systems lets you see the world around you in a new light through our cutting-edge hardware and software for mobile- and aerial-based LiDAR systems available for purchase, lease or as a service.

Key Benefits

Discover how our LiDAR solutions can help work better.

UAV and Mobile LiDAR tools provide solutions for mapping hard to reach areas, vegetated sites, steep slopes, and projects with hazardous conditions. After data collection, users can take the georeferenced point-cloud, and create DTM, DEM, DSM, or an assortment of contour and topo maps. The flexibility and usefulness behind the data are irreplaceable when you’re trying to save time and money.


Increased Safety


Quickly collect and process point-clouds


Review data on-site


Collect millions of points in minutes to access projects

Use Case

Golf Course Case Study

Leasing Options

Lease rates start at $1500 for 3 days and extend up to $8500 for one month of rent


$43,283 base price includes
BoE-16 Aerial and Mobile System

As a Service

Enter a new era. Create Mobile or Aerial LiDAR Geo-Referenced LAS Files

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