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Mapping Tool

BoE Systems lets you see the world around you in a new light through our cutting-edge hardware and software for mobile- and aerial-based LiDAR systems available for purchase, lease or as a service.

Key Benefits

Discover how our LiDAR solutions can help work better.

Provide aerial and mobile LiDAR mapping for all aspects of a mining site. Everything from pre-mining, permits, layout, safety, operations, post-mining, and original site layout. All while reducing personnel exposure to hazards such as steep embankments, cliffs, and areas that may collapse, leading to a safer mining site and risk-area design maps.


Identify and evaluate site issues


Rapidly process volumes


Plan site safety areas


Provide data to other personnel in a timely manner

Use Case

Golf Course Case Study

Leasing Options

Lease rates start at $1500 for 3 days and extend up to $8500 for one month of rent


$43,283 base price includes
BoE-16 Aerial and Mobile System

As a Service

Enter a new era. Create Mobile or Aerial LiDAR Geo-Referenced LAS Files

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