Keep Construction Projects on Schedule and Developers Informed

Aerial or mobile LiDAR mapping can give developers and investors near real-time construction updates since it takes hours, not days, to provide data that updates them on site work and progress. It’s a small investment to give peace of mind to those who have a lot at stake in keeping the construction on schedule and built as intended.

LiDAR Construction Site Analysis in Action


Assist in analyzing the development and accuracy of a new construction site, as well as deliver bi-weekly updates of the site’s progression to the out-of-state developer.


Informed Developers: Give peace of mind to off-site or out-of-state developers with near real-time updates on construction progress and accuracy.

Savings: Discover any construction issues early on by turning LiDAR data around quickly so developers and general contractors can resolve problems before they become costly and delay tight schedules.

Assurance: Offer assurance through tracking the project’s development so stakeholders can clearly see that the site was built to spec and their investment is secure.


Our team was able to clearly show the contractor’s layout. We also provided 3D and DWG modes to compare against the site plans to ensure the accuracy of the project’s construction.


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