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Saves money on hiring especially trained personnel to operate the system


Saves time spent training in-house personnel


No qualified Part 107 operator required


Mobile data collection doesn’t require you to file a Certificate of Authorization (COA) and waiting 60-90 days for approval


No purchasing liability or payload insurance on your part


Eliminates the risk of technology obsolescence


Our operators capture 300,000 geo-referenced pps with survey grade accuracy, processed in a flash and downloaded in seconds to get you ready for post-production. When decisions made regarding land or work sites could result in lost profits, productivity or even lives, let us map your world in unrivaled detail, so you can build models and make decisions with the most accurate data available.

Flying Speed (mph)

Driving Speed (mph)

Accuracy (inches)

Max Range (feet)

The Hardware

Up to the challenge

Designed to fit DJI’s Matrice 600 Pro, a vehicle mount, backpack or just about any other UAV on the market. Our hardware is a workhorse with anti-vibration mounting, safety harness and industry-leading accuracy.

The Software

Capturing real-time data

With 300,000 pps, it transforms LiDAR data into a stronger tool for multiple industries and applications.

The Support

Tailored analysis & reports

Make sense of the data with support from our experts who tailor analysis and inspection reports, so you can address needs and compliance issues, both now and later.

Aerial and Mobile LiDAR Service Rates

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The idea for BoE Systems’ (Backend of Everything) cutting-edge hardware and software for mobile- and aerial-based LiDAR systems was sparked in 2015. At the time, founder and CEO, Jason Littrell’s hobbies included using a drone to take aerial photos and images of farmland. That footage provided a “lay of the land” and helped a buyer make wise decisions about land investments. There was an obvious synergy with the unique capture angle and information that could be provided from such vivid data for various industries. 


Mobile & Aerial Systems




Real-Time Point Clouds


Automated Post-Processing

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BoE Systems service division was an ideal fit when we needed 2-foot topo maps for upcoming projects. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and honest throughout the process. Keep up the excellent work!

Project Manager, Construction Industry

By utilizing BoE’s mobile system, we were able to save time and increase safety while scanning multiple high traffic intersections. The system also allowed a few of our team members to focus on higher-level task items while the scanning and processing took place.

Infrastructure Data Collection

We leased BoE’s mobile LiDAR system for some infrastructure scans. The system was great for the data we were seeking. And it was refreshing to work with a team that goes the extra mile and while providing affordable solutions.

Infrastructure, Mobile Data Analysis

BoE Systems team and LiDAR integration passed the test! We’re a consulting firm that needed an aerial LiDAR setup to scan a ROW based in a remote area of Sierra Leone Africa. We were impressed by how well BoE’s equipment worked in such treacherous conditions. Supported by their ability to process and return data promptly.

Energy & Water Resources, ROW Analysis

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