Volume to Scale Without Guesswork or Inaccuracies

Scales can be off, which puts your inventory tracking off. And that means lost profit and opportunities. BoE LiDAR systems provide precise volumetrics without any guesswork or inaccurate output.

LiDAR Volumetrics in Action


Provide accurate volumetric data on multiple aggregate piles.


Tracking: With the new era of UAVs and mounted sensors, we can fly over aggregate piles and provide updated volumetrics to give business owners insights on where they could be losing profits throughout the year.

Business Expansion: Company leaders who accurately track their product(s) can benefit by reporting their inventory and borrowing against that product to advance and grow their business.

Knowledge: Tracking product by just weight can sometimes be inefficient since scales can be calibrated to either benefit or diminish a company’s bottom line.


With just one pass over the aggregate piles, we provided volumetric data with accurate height measurements. Photogrammetry was initially used, but the height measurements and volumetric data was inaccurate on a few piles because there was little to no texture available to receive quantifiable measurements.


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