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The idea for BoE Systems’ (Backend oEverything) cutting-edge hardware and software for mobile- and aerial-based LiDAR systems was sparked in 2015. At the time, founder and CEO, Jason Littrell’s hobbies included using a drone to take aerial photos and images of farmland. That footage provided a “lay of the land” and helped a buyer make wise decisions about land investments. There was an obvious synergy with the unique capture angle and information that could be provided from such vivid data for various industries.

With agriculture being such a high-valued commodity in the Midwest, BoE Systems, formerly known as Vision Energy, began performing fixed-wing flights providing vegetation analysis. That venture helped shape the company’s foundation. While working solely in agriculture, the company started measuring vegetation growth for the energy sector. This led the company to develop hardware and software around precise measuring cameras.

Eventually, BoE became an integrator for Velodyne LiDAR who has developed cutting-edge sensors like the VLP-16 Puck, Puck LITE and HDL-32E for aerial and ground-based applications. Littrell had a friend, Blake Cagle, in the design and machining business. With creativity, impeccable design abilities and 30 years of fabricating experience, Cagle was the perfect fit for the task at hand. R&D got off the ground. We’ve also integrated with SBG Systems, a leading GPS/ IMU sensor developer.

With these integrations, we provide full 360° imaging achieved by rotating the laser coupled with the movement of the drone. BoE Systems acquires the data, processes, and then delivers the data to customers for analysis. With on-site imaging, any environmental concerns and/or compliance issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

When Technology and Superpowers Combine

Drone technology isn’t all that new anymore, but the potential for changing the way we do everyday activities is just taking off. Flying over an area and scanning its details to precisely recreate it digitally. That’s what we were thinking about when the idea to create our custom hardware and software hit us. Like a lot of life-changing technology, it took imagination and a garage. Taking a very difficult integration and providing simple and straight forward products has allowed our service providers, customers and clients to really start seeing the benefits of what this technology can bring to everyday projects.

BoE Systems lets you see the world around you in a new light through our cutting-edge hardware and software for mobile- and aerial-based LiDAR systems. We’re obsessed over accuracy and determined to safely take you where you couldn’t go before, letting you efficiently gather and process geospatial data you can use to create detail-rich, 3-dimensional models for transportation, utilities, mining, construction, and more. This frees up valuable man-hours and allows your employees to work more efficiently.

When time is money and accuracy is your reputation, BoE Systems helps you survey the area quickly, safely, accurately and affordably.

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