UgCS Software

Ground Station Software

BoE Systems is happy to announce a reseller agreement with UgCS software. We have tried many different applications in the market for autonomous flight. But after utilizing this software on many different operations and UAV's. Our field operators believe UgCS brings the most flexibility, user friendly interface, integration among multiple UAV's and the most accurate field data in the market.

So please give us a call or email for more information!


For UAV hobbyists and non-professional use.Unlimited range of operations, some limitation of advanced functionality - the most suitable version of UgCS for UAV hobbyists.



NEW!!! For UAV professionals.Fully functional multi-drone ground control software for professional UAV mission planning needs. Digital elevation model (DEM) and KML file import enabling map customisation, ADS-B receiver support to ensure flight safety.



For companies operating a fleet of drones.Suitable for companies operating a fleet of different manufacturer drones, requiring a unifying ground station solution. ADS-B transponder support, multi-node deployment, enabling operating a central server with unlimited connection of UgCS clients.